About Ben and Ta

What’s a benta?

Benta Photo is a collaboration between Benjamin Wright (Ben) and Tasha Jackson (Ta) – two photographers who share a passion for capturing the bliss of newly engaged couples and the joy of a great wedding celebration.  We are not your traditional wedding photographers and we think that’s a very good thing.

What sets us apart:

  • We’re not going to ransom your photos. You buy a package from us and the photos we take are yours. High-resolution images with a complete copyright release.
  • We love taking the time to get the perfect shot, but on your special day we also feel it is important that we aren’t a distraction. So, we’ll blend in or take charge – depending on what you desire.
  • We like to show up for you wedding when you do, in order to capture the special moments during set-up and preparation. Ta will follow the bride, while Ben will shadow the groom. And we won’t want to leave your reception party until it gets to that point where we probably shouldn’t be taking photos anyway.
  • We bring two styles to the party. Ben loves to capture amazing candids in a photo-journalistic style. Tasha loves to direct people in fun and creative ways that bring out their best.
  • We capture amazing images in camera, but we also bring great care in editing and over 20 years of photoshop experience to make a good shot incredible.
  • This is our hobby, not our job. Bringing ordinary effort on the job gets ordinary results. We love weddings. On your wedding day we will bring positive energy, lots of smiles, a flexible can-do attitude, and a passion for the extraordinary.



More about Ben

Ben fell in love with photography when he received his first DSLR – a Canon 10d – nearly a decade ago. Digital photography was the perfect blend of creativity and technology and he’s been hooked ever since. Professionally Ben is a full-time graphic designer and web developer – yes, he produced this fine website and you can check out more of his work here. Ben’s ability to work the digital darkroom comes in very handy when that almost perfect shot just needs a bit of Photoshop magic to really bring the brilliance out.

Ben’s also a wedding veteran – seven times a groomsman and he just got married to the beautiful Tangier (you can see Ta’s engagement shots and @scottrlacy‘s wedding photos of the couple here) – so lately, it’s all weddings all the time. And he loves it!

Ben’s got a great eye for detail, capturing lots of the little stuff that others may miss. Everything from boutonnieres and pocket squares to the flowers in her hair, Ben tries to capture these important shots that stitch together the whole story of your beautiful day.

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More about Ta

Tasha fell in love with photography in high school. Getting her first SLR camera junior year, she began to shoot her classmates senior photos and eventually became photo editor for the school’s newspaper in Greeley, Colorado. Spending countless hours in the darkroom, Tasha realized she was most passionate about capturing people. She loves to pose people in fun and creative ways that highlight their personalities. Her outgoing and fun charm helps her subjects feel relaxed and comfortable all the while encouraging natural smiles and playful atmospheres.

Tasha’s experience in-front of the camera has helped her develop the skills to communicate postures and looks that bring out and showcase her subjects best features. Whether in-front of the camera or behind it, Tasha loves the art of capturing people at their best.